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Sorting a list range

Regions in ClosedXML.Report may be sorted by columns. This can be done by using tag <<sort>> in the target columns of the service row.


You may choose a descending order by adding the parameter desc to the tag (<<sort desc>>). When the report is built you’ll see the data sorted in descending order.


You also may add additional columns to the sort by adding the parameter num to the tag sort (<<sort num=2>>). On the picture below you may see the dataset will be sorted first by the column Payment Method, and then by the column Ship Date in the descending order.

tlists1_sort_num xlsx

Sorting in ClosedXML.Report has this limitation: all the data of the range to order must be located in a single row. If this is not a option for you consider sorting your data before transferring it to ClosedXML.Report.